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Audrey, 27, and crazy.


For six years now, I've been drawing faceless girls with delicate hair.

I take commissioned orders worldwide and sold pieces from Mexico, UK, Germany, NY to LA. 

audrey the artiste

fluent in nonsense

July 2015 : graduated from Graphic Design.


October 2015 : designed Daniel Sharman's campaign on for CF.


November 2015 : Kylie Jenner reposted one of my photo and noticed my arts through Instagram.


March/April 2016 : first solo art show in Toulouse, France.


June 2016 : takes part of a collective exhibition "What is The Future of Art?" at Tate Modern, London.


June/July 2016 : collaborative art show "De A à Z" with Zwalé in Toulouse, France.

November 2016 & May 2017 : solo exhibition at domaine Château Lastours, Gaillac, France.


April 2018 : solo art event at Ekito, Toulouse, France.

May 2018 : guest at Film Festival de Cannes, France.

July/August 2018 : solo exhibition at Connexion Live, Toulouse, France.

November 2018 : solo exhibition "Loving Cinema" at Le Petit Vasco, Toulouse, France.

April 2019 : takes part of a collective exhibition in Zari Gallery, London, UK.

May 2019 : solo exhibition at public library in Saint Jean, France.




For any inquiries :


Audrey The Artiste

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